News archive 2014

September 2014

– Time flies. I spend a lot of time with my new guitar cabinet impulse pack called “MesOs”. It’s now released and you can get it here.
Any guitarist out there that uses cabinet impulses (IRs) should check it out.
– You can see some new releases in “clients“.
– I’m currently working on some mastering and mixing projects and have new prices online. Now it’s easier for you to see what you would pay for a mix or a master.

January 2014

– About to finish the new Eliwagar album. I also mixed one track for modern metal band Concealed in Clouds. (I think they wouldn’t want me to brand them as Emo-Core?)
I’m especially happy about that I got the chance to mix and master the new album of the project Oberon. Working with a band you have bought CDs from in the 90s is totally something special. I hope that we can finish it this month, too.
– Studio Kalthallen wants to wish all clients and friends a good start in the year 2014! You have been wonderful and I am glad that I could work with such great bands and persons in 2013 once again.
– Busy times in Studio Kalthallen!
I made new mixes for Eliwagar, mastered an mini album for a childsong composer and am just working on the new Irminsul album, which is absolutely fantastic! On top of their songs they made an awesome cover of Limahls ‘Neverending Story’.
Some more stuff in the pipeline also.