Finally an update

The last homepage update was almost a year ago. So it’s time to post what we’ve done in the last months!

– Mastering of “Decameron” for Swedish black-death metal band Throne of Heresy
– Mastering of the “Roaring Silence” album from the old German gothic rock band House of Usher
– Mastering of “A Conscious Creation from the Isolated Domain – Phase I” of the Mexican death metal band The Chasm
– Re-amping for the Spanish band Ernia
– Mix and mastering for the upcoming Oberon album “Aeon Chaser”
– Mastering of “This direction, Please!” from German jazzrock band Buenos NoJazz
– Mixing and mastering of various songs from the German rockband Drunken Fools
– Mixing and mastering of an upcoming EP from German crossover band Kapeister
– Mixing and mastering of the “Heimkehr” double CD of medieval rock band MinnePack to be released in May.
– Mastering of an EP from Norwegian rockers Bacon Torpedo

There are more projects in the pipeline. We’re also working on new Kalthallen Cabs impulses!

After the surprising death of Tim “avicii” Bergling I put up a tribute cover song on soundcloud. Enjoy!