2018 was awesome

Lately a lot of albums we worked on got released. Time for an update!
There are some new examples in the audio player, go listen!

– A few months ago we mixed and mastered the double album “Heimkehr” from German folkrockers MINNEPACK . Mixing 22 songs is quite a task but the result speaks for itself.

– The new OBERON album “Aeon Chaser”, which we mixed and mastered end of 2017 was finally released via Prophecy Productions and is getting great reviews! There is a snippet in our new audio player.

– We also released some of our own projects. The Epic Skaldic Metal project ASH OF ASHES released the debut album “Down the White Waters” which got fantastic reviews and also generated quite some attention in the Pagan Metal scene!

– Furthermore in October my own OVER THE HILL Irish Folk album “From the Highlands to Tralee” has been released. We worked on it within the last 6 years, whenever there was some time left. There is also a snippet in the audio player.

– Southern German Medieval-Rock band BRACHMOND gave us their album “Ascheregen” for mastering.

Rúnahild released “Seidsang” which means it’s the 10th time she works with us! 7 of her albums are from the previous band ELIWAGAR. Thanks for trusting us again!