The mix is probably the most important step towards a professional outcome:
Not only are all individual signals adjusted and improved concerning their frequencies, panning and loudness, also spaciousness and layering of depth are being generated so that the subsequent mastering only requires a fine-tuning.

While we at Kalthallen Studios are always pleased to receive professionally recorded signals for mixing, a professional result can also be achieved off a proper home recording if the DI signals of guitars and bass are made available. Via re-amping we can then update these signals to a professional standard.

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During mastering the mix is refined soundwise and the loudness adjusted to create a sound experience capable of competing internationally. For this purpose the control room at Kalthallen Studios has been acoustically optimized to its best to guarantee that our masterings sound great anywhere.

While a mastering can enhance a song’s sound drastically, an appropriate mix is indispensable. If the mix is not ideal but the budget tight, a STEM-mastering may be considered: for this, instead of a stereo mix, stereo stems of vocals, guitars, bass, drums and keyboards are delivered to allow the mastering engineer to take more influence on the instruments – even though this does not offer all possibilities a professional mix does.

We offer to send you the finished master as DDP master, audio CD or as 16-bit wav files.

Still unsure if an external mastering is the right choice for your new record? We accept commissions for single songs so you can see for yourself!

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