Spotify & MesOs x2

To make it easier to stay up to date, there is now a Spotify playlist where you can listen to my mixes or masters. Not all the artists I work for are on Spotify, but the playlist is still quite respectable with currently over 100 tracks from various releases.

Kalthallen Studios Spotify Playlist

Furthermore, there is now a new IR pack called “MesOs x2” for our guitar friends at Kalthallen Cabs. Our well-known Mesa guitar cabinet has once again been processed into impulses, this time in collaboration with and in the Schreiraum Studios!

Happy new year 2020!

We’d like to thank all of our new and old customers for a fantastic 2019!

The “clients” page got updated. There are also a lot of single songs that get mixed or mastered here, but it would take too much time to add them all in there. Just have a look!

For this year there are already some new productions in the pipeline. There will also be a new 4×12 cabinet sampled for new impulses soon.

2018 was awesome

Lately a lot of albums we worked on got released. Time for an update!
There are some new examples in the audio player, go listen!

– A few months ago we mixed and mastered the double album “Heimkehr” from German folkrockers MINNEPACK . Mixing 22 songs is quite a task but the result speaks for itself.

– The new OBERON album “Aeon Chaser”, which we mixed and mastered end of 2017 was finally released via Prophecy Productions and is getting great reviews! There is a snippet in our new audio player.

– We also released some of our own projects. The Epic Skaldic Metal project ASH OF ASHES released the debut album “Down the White Waters” which got fantastic reviews and also generated quite some attention in the Pagan Metal scene!

– Furthermore in October my own OVER THE HILL Irish Folk album “From the Highlands to Tralee” has been released. We worked on it within the last 6 years, whenever there was some time left. There is also a snippet in the audio player.

– Southern German Medieval-Rock band BRACHMOND gave us their album “Ascheregen” for mastering.

Rúnahild released “Seidsang” which means it’s the 10th time she works with us! 7 of her albums are from the previous band ELIWAGAR. Thanks for trusting us again!

Finally an update

The last homepage update was almost a year ago. So it’s time to post what we’ve done in the last months!

– Mastering of “Decameron” for Swedish black-death metal band Throne of Heresy
– Mastering of the “Roaring Silence” album from the old German gothic rock band House of Usher
– Mastering of “A Conscious Creation from the Isolated Domain – Phase I” of the Mexican death metal band The Chasm
– Re-amping for the Spanish band Ernia
– Mix and mastering for the upcoming Oberon album “Aeon Chaser”
– Mastering of “This direction, Please!” from German jazzrock band Buenos NoJazz
– Mixing and mastering of various songs from the German rockband Drunken Fools
– Mixing and mastering of an upcoming EP from German crossover band Kapeister
– Mixing and mastering of the “Heimkehr” double CD of medieval rock band MinnePack to be released in May.
– Mastering of an EP from Norwegian rockers Bacon Torpedo

There are more projects in the pipeline. We’re also working on new Kalthallen Cabs impulses!

After the surprising death of Tim “avicii” Bergling I put up a tribute cover song on soundcloud. Enjoy!

April showers bring May flowers

The latest releases have been added to the ‘clients’ page.
In March and April a lot of albums we worked on got released:
-King of Asgard “taudr”
-Byrdi “Urkraft”
-Runahild “Seidgaldr”
-Mindtech “Feed you my love”
and also the album “Arcane 2” by my own band ELANE.
We couldn’t be happier about the great reviews that reached us in the last months.

We also worked on some new releases about to be released in the next months.

Swedish Folk Metal band UTMARKEN asked us to master their upcoming album “Förfallstid”.
The German Black Metal/Industrial band SCHWARZACH also used our mastering service.

Happy new year 2017, Vitae & Ferndal

Kalthallen Studios wishes a good year 2017 to all customers!

We already were busy at the beginning of the year and mastered the upcoming VITAE album. The German band plays medieval music in the style of Dead Can Dance.

Another German band named FERNDAL was here, too. Their debut album with the same name was mixed and mastered here. The DDP master is uploading in this very moment.

Mindtech, Myrkgrav, Moving servers

– Thanks Mindtech, for sending us their EP “Edge of the World”, that was mastered here in January. Take a listen!

MYRKGRAV‘s new album “Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen” is now released digitally. CD Version will follow in a few months.

– The Kalthallen homepage and the shop have been moved to a new server. Everything should run even faster now. Also the Kalthallen domain is now a SSL website.

Myrkgrav mastering

Yesterday the mastering of the upcoming MYRKGRAV album “Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen” was finished.
The album will go online October 26th, exactly 10 years to the day since Myrkgrav’s debut album “Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning” was released. The debut album was also mastered here. Time flies! A CD version will follow later.

Pole Position III – mastering

After the two previous EP’s, also the third POLE POSITION EP was mastered here.
The Norwegian hard-rock band hasn’t released the new output yet, but you should check them out nonetheless.