King of Asgard- taudr mastering

Recently the mastering for the EP “taudr” of swedish band KING OF ASGARD was finished in Kalthallen Studios.
Recording and mix were done in the swedish Endarker Studio by Magnus Andersson (MARDUK).
“taudr” will be released by German label Trollmusic this fall.

New homepage

We’re very happy to show you our brand new Kalthallen homepage!
The page is now fully responsive and works on all kinds of devices, and we hope that you like is as much as we do.
A big ‘thank you’ to Alina from for the design and layout.

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‚GreenKet‘ IR’s, Two Notes Torpedo, Elvarhøi….

– A new Kalthallen Cabs impulse response library named “GreenKet” is out.

– The Kalthallen Cabs ‘BENGEL’ cab is now also available in the Two Notes Audio Torpedo format here!

– Mixed and mastered a track for norwegian folk metal band Elvarhøi

– The Depression album “Die Dunkle Dimension” is out on CD and also Vinyl.

News archive 2015

November 2015

– The Kalthallen Cabs ‘BENGEL’ cab is now also available in the Two Notes Audio Torpedo format here!
– 9,99 € sale of the Kalthallen Cabs IRs “BENGEL” extended till the end of 2015!
– The Depression album “Die Dunkle Dimension” is out on CD. Vinyl will follow in 2016. It turned out really heave, go check them out!

October 2015

– I just released a new Kalthallen Cabs IR library called “BENGEL“.
– I started sampling cabinets for Two Notes Audio “Wall of Sound” platform. Take a look here!
– Finished recording, mixing and mastering for the new DEPRESSION album “Die dunkle Dimension”.
– Finished masterings for SIG:AR:TYR from Canada, THRONE OF HERESY from Sweden and ELIWAGAR from Norway.

February 2015

– I did a video for old school death metal band Abscession. Check out “Cabin 13
– Some new records I worked on are release. You can see them in “clients
– Mastered Myrkgrav’s “Vonde Auer” single
– Finished Abscession “Grave Offerings”
– Mixed and mastered Eliwagar “Huldresagn”
– Please like Studio Kalthallen on Facebook if you haven’t already. More frequent updates there.

News archive 2014

September 2014

– Time flies. I spend a lot of time with my new guitar cabinet impulse pack called “MesOs”. It’s now released and you can get it here.
Any guitarist out there that uses cabinet impulses (IRs) should check it out.
– You can see some new releases in “clients“.
– I’m currently working on some mastering and mixing projects and have new prices online. Now it’s easier for you to see what you would pay for a mix or a master.

January 2014

– About to finish the new Eliwagar album. I also mixed one track for modern metal band Concealed in Clouds. (I think they wouldn’t want me to brand them as Emo-Core?)
I’m especially happy about that I got the chance to mix and master the new album of the project Oberon. Working with a band you have bought CDs from in the 90s is totally something special. I hope that we can finish it this month, too.
– Studio Kalthallen wants to wish all clients and friends a good start in the year 2014! You have been wonderful and I am glad that I could work with such great bands and persons in 2013 once again.
– Busy times in Studio Kalthallen!
I made new mixes for Eliwagar, mastered an mini album for a childsong composer and am just working on the new Irminsul album, which is absolutely fantastic! On top of their songs they made an awesome cover of Limahls ‘Neverending Story’.
Some more stuff in the pipeline also.

News archive 2013

September 2013

– A lot of the stuff I worked on was released lately. Check out the clients link
– Currently working on some of my own projects
– A new samples showreel was made

February 2013

– Finished the Blåhø album which is called “Through Sinister Nightfall”. Go get it or listen to it on Spotify.
– My friends from Violet came over and we stem mastered their new album “The Violet Steam Experience”. Should be out soon!
– Mastered the DE ARMA album. Music in the vein of old Katatonia. Check it out here.
– Finally made a new samples showreel for you to listen to
– New 80s relict arrived

ADA Mp-1

News archive 2012

November 2012

– I did masterings for Fusion/Jazz-Rock Band Buenos NoJazz and Doom metal band October Falls.

– A dream came true, cause this EVH 5150 and the Mesa 4×12 Rectifier Cab are the newest additions in my studio.

evh 5150

Mesa OS

Can’t wait to use both on new projects.

August 2012

– Under “Clients” you can find some new released albums that I worked on in the last months.
– I got a lot of great feedback on my KALTHALLEN CABS! The highlight was a mail from the Fractal Audio founder Cliff Chase that said:

“I spent the last few days evaluating hundreds of IRs and I have to say that yours are the best sounding ones I have ever tried.”

And this haven’t been empty words, because now 6 of my impulses can be found in the latest firmware of the AXE FX II!
-I spend a lot of time with video lately. For example I produced a music video for my own band HEL.

People that like dogs can also check these videos, that I did for a local dogschool. 🙂

News archive 2008 – 2011

December 2011

– In the past months I did some mastering for SAMSARA CIRCLE from Düsseldorf, some more Mixes for UNSPOKEN and ELIWAGAR.
The EXSILIUM album is also finished. Its a pretty nice Pagan/Black Metal album.
– I also produced a Katatonia coversong for the song “Unfurl”. The video was also done by me, and even it was done more out of fun it turned out pretty good.
Your chance to see me in action. 🙂

August 2011

– Between the mixing and mastering jobs at the moment I am cooking some really advanced Nebula Cab impulses. More soon
– Got some new toys. 2 awesome vintage Telefunken v672 preamps. Also the Slate VCC plugin which seems to be really great.

telefunken v672

May 2011

– Finally some new studio pics have been uploaded.
– Mastered the, hopefully soon, debut-album of the French Melodic Doom band ANGELLORE. Good music guys.
– Kalthallen studio did the DVD authoring for the bonus disc of the new WOLFCHANT album “Call of the black winds”.
– The work for the new KRODA album “Schwarzpfad” is completed.
– Mixing and Mastering for the Norwegian Death Metal Band UNSPOKEN.
– Mastering the MYRKGRAV / VOLUSPAA Split 7″, which is also released now.

Myrkgrav / Voluspaa

January 2011

I wish you all a happy new year!

– The new ELANE album ARCANE is finally finished and you can listen to some samples
I’m really glad how the album turned out. Release date is
18th Feb 2011!
– Bought some new Equipment – A vintage Sennheiser M21 mic, the UAD La-3a plugin and finally Slate Digital Trigger Ex
– You can expect some more pics from the studio in the future and I will offer a composing service for orchestral or atmospheric intros and outros
– The data-delivery PDF has been renewed
– I was helping ELIWAGAR with their new album and am currently mastering the new FORMLOFF record
– Since I’m writing my Diploma at the moment, I can work for you again in April, but you can always write me in the meantime

June 2010

A lot do to for me, which is good!

– Mastering of a mix done by  Lars Jensen for Astaroth
– Mastering for Vspolokh (Purity
Through Fire Records)
– Re-amping, mix, & mastering for the spanish deathers Unconsecrated (Dark Descent Records)
– DVD authoring of a bonus DVD from  the swedes Armagedda

Soon there will be new samples also.

February 2010

A lot of time has passed since the last update. I was rebuilding my studio
acoustically, and it turned out great!
Also this site has been rebuild and I hope you like it.

– Mastering Pagan Folk Metal band Voluspaa – Åsa (appearing on Aurora Australis Records)
– Mastering Norwegian Rock band Danny Blaze (album released soon)
– Recording, mixing and mastering of Abscession‘s demotape Death Incarnate
– Recording, mixing and mastering two songs for the German old school Death Metal band Eroded
– Editing, synching, color correction on Menhir – Hildebrandslied video which gained some great
comments so far. Watch it!

August 2009

Elane “Paperboat & Silverkite” musicvideo is online!
I directed, edited and did camera on the storyline

Kalthallen Myspace online
– I am editing a musicvideo for the German Pagan Metal band Menhir right now

March 2009

– Mastering for Quadrivium. They covered the Arcturus song “Wintry Grey”. Really good cover!
– Multicam editing for: Angantyr – Et Varsel Om Død
The video is up on youtube as I saw. Btw. I’m not responsible for the skull frame 😉
– The works for the new Ragnarök 5 DVD are almost finished

A video for “Paperboat & Silverkite” is in the workssince a few month. We put a lot of effort in it and It will turn out really good, I’m sure!

December 2008

– The Norwegian Nattsol will let me mix and master their debut-album. I just began working on it, but I can promise you first class atmospheric forest black metal in the vein of Ulver’s “Bergtatt”.

Hellsaw from Austria will release three songs that had been filmed at the Ragnarök festival on a bonus DVD for their coming album “Cold”. Multicam editing and audio mastering were done at Kalthallen.

– My friends Depression entered Kalthallen in october to record their next full length “Dekade(nz)”. Mixing and mastering is now finished also and I can promise you a fat death/grind album! Congratulations to 20 years of Depression!

– The Swedish pagan metal band Irminsul will release their debut album soon on Det Germanske Folket. I did the mixing and mastering for this fine pagan music release.